The Choice of Excellence

ICEF’s UEFA / FFF licensed technical staff forges the next generation of leaders that will bring respect, self-discipline, and commitment to the sports industry through the best-in-class European methodology.

  • UEFA / FFF licensed Technical Staff
  • Methodology modeled after the French Federation of Football
  • Highest official competition in Europe
  • Internship placement in Professional Clubs.

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About ICEF

ICEF, a global vision

The International Center of European Football (ICEF) is Europe’s official professional football center designed for elite international players.
ICEF was created specifically to give international players a pathway to pro careers in Europe with access to its professional and state-of-the-art training center.
At its core, the center’s purpose is to spread European football’s methodology and identity, making it a global project. ICEF anticipates a worldwide presence, with a vision to establish campuses across the globe. The first center opened its doors in Evian, France, as it  seemed natural to start where football has its roots. A second center will open very soon in North America (Miami, USA). ICEF is already planning its expansion with campuses in Asia (2021) and the Middle East (2022).

Our Purpose

ICEF provides the professional training and preparation required to play at the highest level of football in the world. The programs and facilities are designed to foster and expertly develop high-potential football players with a clearly-defined goal: to kickstart or mature their professional football careers. Student-athletes receive individualized development and exposure opportunities to top professional organizations and prestigious universities around the world.
Mental conditioning and leadership 0
Mastery of technical skills 0
Competition at the highest level 0
Premium academics 0
Understanding of the game 0

The #1 European football institution designed for elite international players!

Our Mission

ICEF’s European methodology elevates individual talents and develops athletes through the values of sportsmanship and passion. We foster individual paths, focused on professional development and opportunities. We build smart and confident players capable of succeeding through life’s challenges.

Kickstart a professional career in Europe

Prepare for collegiate opportunities

Succeed in life on and off the pitch

Build your self-esteem and mindset

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that makes the dreams of elite international players come true, allowing them to live like pro players!

Otavio Henrique SANTOS, Pro Player | FC Girondins de Bordeaux

ICEF is the only institution providing opportunities to international players and willing to showcase their talents to take their future careers to the next level.

Maxime LEGENDRE, Pro Scout | Henner Sports

At ICEF, you work on your ability to take decisions and your capacity to be a leader. Quite simply, you learn football from the best coaches in the world.

Bruno PERONE, Pro Player | Real Zaragoza FC

Going through a professional football center just like ICEF, boosted my confidence, allowing me to be successful both as a player and an individual, on and off the pitch.

Karim YODA, Pro Player | Getafe FC

ICEF guarantees every international player receives the excellence of European methodology.

Regis BEUNARDEAU, Pro U19 Coach | Paris Saint Germain FC

ICEF provides everything I loved when I was a student-athlete: a solid background added to individual attention for every single player!

Carlos Eduardo RINCON, Pro Player | Inter Milan FC